Stepan Rak - světový kytarový virtuos.

Stepan Rak - světový kytarový virtuos, skladatel, profesor pražské Akademie muzických umění.


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"Russian, Russian, you came with them on a tank, you Russian!" When the boy heard this battle cry for the first time, he unwittingly looked back. Who are they pointing fingers at? And he just didn’t understand why they were making fun of him. He was Czech, after all! `My name is Štěpán Rak, I am Czech, and I was born on August 8, 1945. The war is already over!’ But the next day the boys were still screaming about tanks... "I was twelve years old at the time – an age where every insult cuts like a knife. My parents didn’t want to return to the past. How they explained it to me was more than enough for me at the time. Since then, I have never really known who I am." There exist two versions about the birth of Czech’s forerunning guitarist, Štěpán Rak, who just so happens to be teaching solo guitar at the Academy of Musical Arts in Prague. The first version says that he was born in January 1945 on the eastern front. His mother w ...

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